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In this excellent batch you have exquisite products of Spanish gastronomy, gourmet brands. A great gift for the most exquisite palates !!

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On request, receive it in 10-15 days approx.

1 Box (42.7×32.7x10cm)

1 pack of sliced ​​Iberian ham (100gr) – Jamonería de Carmen.

1 pack of Iberian loin sliced ​​(100gr) – Jamonería de Carmen.

1 pack of Iberian Salchichón (100gr) – Jamoneria de Carmen.

1 Pack of Iberian Chorizo (100gr) – Jamoneria de Carmen.

1 Pack or Iberian Paleta (100gr) – Jamoneria de Carmen.

1 Piece of cured sheep cheese (250gr approx) – Jamonería de Carmen.

1 Iberian pork pate – La Charra (135g)

1 Pine nut black pudding pate with piquillo peppers – Hergaher. (100g)

1 Black pudding pate with walnuts – Hergaher.(100g)

2 bags breadsticks picos – Don Pelayo (0.30g/unit)

1 can of sardines in olive oil – Escuris. (100g)

1 can of COJONUDOS Asparagus D.O. NAVARRA – El Navarrico.(560g)

1 can of Extra Virgin olive oil – El Lagar de Don Antonio.(280ml)

1 Can of Grilled Pork Cheeks – Cascajares.(710g)

1 can of Piquillo peppers stuffed with hake and prawns – El Navarrico.(330g)

1 can of Artichokes stuffed with Scallops and Prawns -El Navarrico.(565g)

1 jar of White Tuna Fillets in olive oil – Escuris.(645g)

1 Jar of Pickled Boned Partridges – La abuela Candida.(650g)

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