Donettes Bimbo (7+1)

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Tender and delicious chocolate donuts with a unique flavour. Package with several units for you to share… or not! Nobody will be able to resist; they are too good.

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Ingredients and allergens:
Wheat flour, sugar, vegetal fat (palm), water, fully hydrogenated vegetal fat (palm kernel), defatted cocoa powder (3.5%), stabilizer (E 422), sunflower vegetal oil, skimmed milk powder, liquid pasteurized egg, lactose, egg yolk powder, raising agents (E 500ii, E 450i, E 341i), dextrose, emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, E 492, E 471, E 491), salt, preservatives (E 202, E 200 ), flavours and wheat gluten. May contain traces of hazelnut and soy.

Nutritional information (100 g):
Energy: 1988 kJ / 476 kcal
Fat: 28 g
of which saturated: 17 g
Carbohydrates: 50 g
of which sugar: 27 g
Dietary fibre: 5 g
Proteins: 6 g
Salt: 0.85 g

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  24. Dario Marmol Porras (verified owner)

  25. Melani Garcia (verified owner)

  26. Irene (verified owner)

  27. Kelly Grille Croft (verified owner)

    no dejeis de reponer esto nunca por favor

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

  29. Nieves (verified owner)

  30. Esther (verified owner)

  31. Ester Romeral (verified owner)

  32. marta n. (verified owner)

  33. Elena De Las Heras Pascual (verified owner)

  34. Yolanda (verified owner)

  35. Elisabet H. (verified owner)

  36. Lara (verified owner)

    Encantada con mi pedido. Todo perfectamente empaquetado y en perfecto estado. Como ir al super en España!

  37. Sharon (verified owner)

  38. Anna Rosell (verified owner)

    Amazing as always

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

  40. Maria Hernandez (verified owner)

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  42. susana heras (verified owner)

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  45. Elena De las Heras (verified owner)

  46. Vanesa Reina (verified owner)

  47. JENIFER C. (verified owner)

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  49. Anna Rosell (verified owner)

    My favourite snack

  50. Juanjo (verified owner)

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  79. Ruth (verified owner)

  80. María M. (verified owner)

  81. Elena Rial (verified owner)

    Me encantan! Y están fresquitos!! Muchas Gracias

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Delicious as always

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