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Small domino to take anywhere!

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The domino game is possibly one of the oldest games and one of the most popular board games, since it is not only very entertaining but its rules are very easy.
Steps to play dominoes.
1. The chips go from double white to double six, and it is essential that the 28 are complete to play dominoes.
2. The game requires a minimum of 2 players, and limits a maximum of 4.
3.Place all the cards face down and mix them with your hands so that they are well distributed.
4.Each player must take 7 chips, being the one who mixed the chips the last one to take. Those that are left must be left on the side of the table, face down, as they will be taken later. If there are 3-4 players, 5 chips must be distributed to each one instead of 7.
5. Start the game the player who has the highest double, preferably double six. If none has it, double five, and so on until one has a double.
Next to that first piece, one of similar value must be placed, that is, if the first one is 6/6, on both sides a piece must be placed that has a 6 on one of its sides. The values ​​must always be touched and matched.
6.When it is the turn of a player who does not have any tokens that match the numbers that are available on the open chips to place next to him, then he must take a token from those that had been left over when he dealt. You must take chips one by one until you touch one that you can put on the table.
If there are no more chips left to catch and you can't put, just your turn jumps to the next player. And so on until you can put.
It is essential that you keep your chips hidden from other players at all times.
7. When playing dominoes, the first person who has managed to place all their chips on the table wins the game. If everyone passes because he cannot place a chip, then it will be the end of the game and it will be the winner who has the lowest score by adding the points of his chips.

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