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Extraordinary Recipe of Homemade Broth as we select only fresh chicken, veal, pork, chickpeas and vegetables from the garden, ideal for cooking facilitating the preparation of your soups or as an ingredient for other dishes

In addition, all our broths are low in fat, without dyes and certified by the FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain)

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Ingredients and allergens:
Water, Veal 2.6%, Fresh Chicken 1.2%, Pork 0.6%, Celery 0.3%, Potato 0.2%, Cabbage 0.2%, Chickpeas 0.2%, Leek 0.1% , 0.1% Carrot, 0.1% Onion, Pork Fat, Natural Aromas (contain egg), Salt and Spices. May contain traces of milk.
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Nutritional information:
Energy approx. 17 Kj
Fat approx. 0.3 g
Saturated fatty acids approx. 0.1 g
Carbohydrates approx. 0.1 g
Sugars approx. 0 g
Proteins approx. 0.3 g
Get out approx. 0.75 g
Food fiber approx. 0.0 g


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    No he abierto

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    Sabe a casa!! 🙂

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    Easy to cook! Jiji

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    the taste is superior! buenisimo caldo

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    Un servicio genial!!

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    I prefer caldo d e pollo

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    Great value

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    My little one loves letter soup made with this. Está riquísima.

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    Muy recomendable

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    Great product and great service, thanks so much!

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    Imprescindible para el frío.

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    Got my delivery in less than a day

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